How I got fired from TGI Fridays

Posted: July 11th, 2014 - 11:57:27 PM
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So when you work at a restaurant as a waiter, nowadays you have a little card that you slip into your electric terminal. This card gives you access to all of your tables. Once you slide it all of your table numbers are visible. You'll see "Table 11, Table22, Table 23" etc. Back when I waited tables we didn't have cards, we just had personal numbers. Mine was 111. Everyone was pretty close at the TGI Fridays I worked at so most of us knew each other's numbers. Most of us were also assholes too.

If you were a social deviant (such as myself and all of my friends) you would go up to the computer and type in someone else's number. Oh, I see here that Rick has 4 tables. Let's log into one of those tables and change the table number from "11" to "I fuck sheep". Nice, alright, three more tables, three more stupid names...

This kind of stuff was a nightly occurrence. We'd log in to our tables and find that instead of tables 11, 22, 23 and 24 we'd see:

"I need a grumpkin"
"sheep balls"
"you suck!"
"I blow gnomes" (that was my personal favorite)

Anyways, one time I came in for a shift on Friday night and every manager we employed was sitting at a table together. As soon as I walked in they summoned me over. Of course I'm doing that 'oh shit, oh shit, what have i fucked up recently' kind of mental logging as I walk to the table.

I sit down and the General Manager gives me a receipt and says "what is this", I didn't notice anything off at the first glance and then I looked up at the table number and it said "Blow a goat!". Well now, isn't my face red. One of the other manager cringes as he sees it because he knows that I wouldn't have been the one to write it but knows that I'm going to be the one bent over by it.

It seems as though a customer that kept the receipt saw it while doing their taxes and figured they could make a few bucks off TGI Friday shy suing. Apparently it was an old couple, I surely didn't remember them, well due to all the goat blowing going on. Even though I clearly wouldn't have wrote this on my own ticket, I knew I was getting fired for it.

So I was let go.

Years later my then wife (who I had met at Fridays) were at a TGI Fridays (at a different location) having dinner and I noticed our waitress had a card attached to her lil belt. I started up a dialogue:

Me: hey, looks like you guys got cards now rather than personal identification numbers.
Her: Yeah, everyone had to switch. Apparently there was this one guy that printed out a ticket where...

I had a moment of pride while she retold me my own story.
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