Keys in the Fridge

Posted: July 11th, 2014 - 11:53:33 PM
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So when I still worked in Corporate America (I still have blood-curdling nightmares), I would go out to lunch with a few friends. On this particular day I went with Mark and John to Firehouse Subs (I love me some Firehouse). As we arrived back in the parking lot John looked down at the leftover half of his sub and said "I hate bringing leftovers into work, I always forget them in the fridge and I leave work without them". Mark (always so very helpful) suggests "When I have leftovers that I have to leave in the company fridge, I leave my car keys with them so I won't forget my food when I leave work." John looks at him appraisingly and says "that is a REALLY good idea, thanks man!" Mark nods, happy to be of help.

We get back in the office, John leaves his car keys on top of his leftover sub in the fridge as suggested and walks to his desk in the back room.

Mark then turns to me and says "Now we can go hide his car."

I always liked Mark, we got along swimmingly. We both moved his car to a different level of the parking garage. Never did ask John how he found it.
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