Making Good Memories

Posted: August 2nd, 2014 - 8:06:47 AM
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As I get older the desire to "make my mark on the world" strengthens. I see it in a lot of females, they want to feed the homeless, help kids read and/or save the world. All good things, no doubt but my contribution feels like it needs to be more singular, more personal, perhaps more clever. Being that I like a good story, I figure that will be my contribution to the world. I think when you cross someone's path in life, if they remember you fondly, you did your part. That happiness of those moments spent together will be remembered and hopefully give that person a smile when times are dark. So that being said, I started to make nice little gestures that people could perhaps turn into fond memories. I've been doing this for a little while now and I like to think I've making my meager contribution.

One thing that I like to do is simply write something nice on a check when I leave a restaurant. "You are beautiful" or "Your smile warmed me". I'm not at all being insincere by writing it but it's something that most people would have kept to themselves rather than openly compliment another. I don't leave any contact information on the check because I think that would ruin the sincerity of the gesture. Generally, I'll never see any of these people again but when they pick up the check, they'll get a compliment and perhaps a smile to help get them through the day.

My daughter has started to do her own version as well. She knows I do these little things for people and she really likes the concept. So what my daughter tends to do is hug the waitresses or tell them how pretty they are when we leave the restaurant. My daughter is 8 years old now and very cute. When a kid does that to someone, they are all smiles and it lasts for a while.

One time my daughter and I were leaving a restaurant and our waitress came running out saying that my daughter had left her coat. My daughter went up to the waitress and instead of grabbing the coat she hugged the waitress and said "I love you". The waitress was pretty much putty at that point, so freakin happy. My daughter grabbed the coat, walked back over to me and as I watched the waitress wave goodbye with a huge smile on her face my daughter looks at me, nods and gives me a fist bump. I'm not at all kidding and that's no exaggeration, that's my daughter in a nutshell. She passed through that woman's life and the woman will always remember that fond moment when a little girl filled her work shift with a lot more warmth.

Another time I was at Banera's Pread (I'm respecting the anonymity of the restaurant) and as per usual I opened the door for what seemed an endless line of people (I had flashbacks to that opening scene in Star Wars where that really long starship flew bye and it took minutes to see it all). Nonetheless, I opened the door and the last two people in the door were these old ladies. Once they got in, one of them looked at me and said "Why don't you go in front of us, since you opened the door". I smiled very big because this was always a point of contention for me. I always hold the door for people and they always just butt in front of me. Most say "thank you" but nobody ever allows me to be sat in front of them. So I looked at the elderly ladies and told them that they were the first kind people to make this gesture and I was very appreciative. So I got in the line in front of them and being as covert as possible, paid for their meals. Now I've never really done this before and I just thought they may say "thank you young man" but after I turned back around I saw two elderly ladies hurtling at me with mind boggling speed and arms stretched out. They showered me with so much unexpected praise and so many tears that I felt really, really awkward. I wasn't expecting this. Apparently one had just gotten out of the hospital and that little kindness really hit home with her and they were just so overjoyed by it. So after much admiration (which I really didn't deserve) and by now, not-so-warm food, I sat down outside to feed the pigeons as I ate. I had a huge smile on my face and I think I made a good memory that day for some people that could have used one.
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