Personalized License Plates

Posted: July 26th, 2014 - 12:40:01 PM
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So when I was around twelve years old I thought one of the coolest things you could do as an adult was to own a personalized license plate. I just thought the concept of driving away with that one word quip being the last thing someone saw, was pretty damned cool. Nonetheless, I always knew the first thing that I'd get when I finally procured my automobile would be a personalized license plate.

When I turned 17 and upon owning my first car my father put down the personalized license plate form in front of me and I was given three different blanks for desired license plate numbers. When finally staring at this blank piece of paper and trying to come up with something cool and clever, I had a massive bout of writer's block. It would seem that coming up with a cool license plate number is like trying to write something clever in an incredibly rigid Twitter message where you could only use 8 characters. Eventually I think i just wrote down my current online handle which was "Nogame" at the time. I didn't end up paying the $75 to purchase it though, seeing as though I became pretty weak and flaccid in the face of creativity.

Some people though, do not become barren when thinking of clever license plate names and when I was around 25 years old, I found such a person. This woman was a lordly individual. She loved her god and she was damn proud of it. Bumper stickers, a proud (and somewhat snobby) look on her face and a very visible bible in her back window really told you that this woman was the very image of devotion. That central theme that dominated her car and then continued to her license plate where she had came with an appropriate means of showering her religion with the praise she felt deep down in her heart. Her license plate simply said:


Could you imagine how popular she must have been at church? I do declare, the congregation must feel she was a truly inspired woman with such a relish for her faith that she would praise Jesus every moment of her life on the road. Letting everyone know in fact, that Jesus, who died for our sins (I'm not sure if you knew that, but I hear it's all the rage), is our Lord!


What I would have given to be a fly on wall when the obvious oversight came to light. I wonder if anyone ever told her. I wonder if she hung it up in her garage after it expired. I wonder how much something like that would go for on Ebay because I feel it's high time I show my devotion as well.

Sometimes life gives you lemons other times it gives you jizlords.
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