Online Dating Icebreaker: Impromptu Poem

Posted: July 12th, 2014 - 10:37:57 AM
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So from time to time I like to write people on dating sites absurd ice breakers that most likely won't get a reply. Sometimes their profile just asks for it. So on this particular female's profile she didn't have all that much to work with but I kind of felt like being absurd. This was my icebreaker:

While I could comment on your beauty, honesty and love of the arts (of which, I am also a huge fan) but I think I'd rather take a completely different tact because it'll just be a lot more fun. I did the following with an Irish accent I'n mind:

So you be blunt and that's the taste,
Perhaps you might also enjoy a warm embrace.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not boldly coming on,
I do however believe, that a compliment is easily achieved,
when looking at your smile and unique bunny ears,
or your service with Navy after 5 long years.
While a simple textual message may have been enticing,
I think it's more fun to be a silly and memorably enlightening.
If I'm not the man you want and you don't fall under my spell
Just look at it like this: you now have a very interesting story to tell.

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