Posted: July 14th, 2014 - 6:13:22 AM
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So I was invited to a 1980s theme birthday party for a volleyball buddy of mine. So I bought matching Dumb and Dumber outfits that my girlfriend and I could sport. Since Dumb and Dumber didn't come out in the 80s I taped a paper sign on my back that read:

That movie is from the 90s you dumbass!

Anyways, the party was fun and my 7 year old daughter had a great time. There was a stage with a microphone and she loved to get up there and dance in front of people. My daughter ended up dancing around with all the little boys, pretty much all night long. She met a lot of people, made some new friends, ate some cake and was pretty damn happy.

Eventually the night had to come to an end and I told my daughter to say goodbye to all of her friends. I start to collect our stuff from the table and I hear someone picking up the microphone. I turn around to see what's going on and my daughter has the mic and says:

"Everyone" (she waits for everyone's attention) "I'm leaving."

She then puts the microphone back down and walks out without further conversation.

Daddy was proud.
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