Physical Attraction

Posted: July 13th, 2014 - 3:48:29 PM
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Why is physical attraction such a road block? It's that odd thing that I can't seem to get past. You are either attracted to someone or you're not and sadly I'm not immune to this flaw. It would be lovely to meet someone regardless of their physical appearance, go on a date and let the chemistry dictate the next step. As it is right now, if you're on a dating site you're ultra picky (you can afford to if you're a female) and before you look at their personality you pick the person who doesn't have any visual flaws in any of their pictures. Do their pictures show the whole body? Are these pictures old? You criticize and postulate just how things may go and it's all based on physical attraction. In some cases, I am sad to report that the pictures on dating sites are generally the best those people have to offer which lends itself a little bit more to being ultra selective.

As you may have guessed, I'm also a slave to physical attraction. If that makes me shallow, then there you have it, I'm shallow. I wish it weren't that way but it's like this odd makeup of societal pressure and predisposed interests into certain features. I'm aware of it, I can make sense of it but I can't get past it.

From what I've gathered I'm certainly on the low spectrum of the issue. I am not an attention to detail kind of person but I do notice the face. The face is what does it for me, the face is where I perceive aesthetic beauty originates from. The body type is vastly secondary and from opinions of the disbelieving females I've known, I don't seem to notice breast size or a nice butt. I think when you look at those features first you seem to be compelled by the wrong thing. I mean don't get me wrong, sex is fantastic but it's just sex. It's essentially the ‘icing on the cake' but it's not what motivates me to be a better man. When you are looking at breasts and butts before looking at the face, I think you're looking past the beauty and just focusing on lust. To each their own of course but the way I see it, when you wake up in the morning and roll over to see a beautiful face looking back at you, you'll try a little harder. You'll put more of an effort in, you'll do what you can for that person because your heart swells a little more when you see a smile on that face. To me, that's motivating.

Nonetheless, physical attraction is a huge pain in the ass. It's even worse when it's used against you. Look, I'm a male and not that perceptive of one. However I've had females use their feminine wiles to change my opinion. I've been in arguments with a female and then they all the sudden feel it's too hot in the room and then, blam, pants are off. I'm generally very attracted to the women I've loved so it's very hard to compose my thoughts when something like this occurs. I end up losing my train of thought and the ideals that I held so dear. If there is shallowness in saying you're attracted physically to someone, I think it's when you aren't man enough to maintain your beliefs when faced with a beautiful body trying to sway your opinion. Friggin sneaky women!

It's odd that a societally attractive female makes my blood boil when I know she's interested in me. Perhaps it's simply the thought that other people desire her but she desires me. That's always a nice boost to the ego. Perhaps it's just simply attraction, she is beautiful, she's someone I'd like to have around more and potentially someone I'd like to come home to at night. I'm not quite sure why physical attraction affects me like I do but it's certainly an important factor when evaluating a potential match.

I'm not Superman and I'm certainly not the best of men. I'm just a man that hates going out on a first date and wondering why he's already decided that it won't work out due to a physical appearance. Though I ponder this lack of understanding, I don't think I'm a big enough man to change that aspect of my love life.
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