A First Date

Posted: July 13th, 2014 - 12:09:26 AM
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Shortly after getting into online dating I had scheduled my first date with a girl that I was very excited to meet. We said we'd meet at Panera Bread for lunch and coffee. So being that I'm a very prompt individual I arrived at Panera Bread 15 minutes early. It's not that I needed to 'case the joint' per-say but I just didn't want her to be waiting on me, I felt that may have set a bad precedent.

So I'm standing around the restaurant with a few minutes to kill and my imagination is going nuts. Now I'm sure this would happen to just about anyone in the same situation but I've got a pretty overactive imagination. I started to look around the restaurant for people that may be my date but somehow looked drastically different from any of her photos. I then looked around and saw this little old lady eating soup. She was watching me and I was like "oh that would be awesome if that was my date, that would just be perfect!" I watched for her for a little while and then at that point my date walked right past her and said "Hello Mason". My date was every bit as breathtaking as her photos had indicated and our little lunch date started without a hitch.

All the time we talked on our first date, I couldn't help but think that if she would have bribed some little old lady to introduce herself to me and pretend she was my date... I would have been far more excited about everything. Years down the line we could have remarked about how we first met and it would be a fantastic story about how she outsmarted me before I even knew who she was.

Perhaps the next date will be more clever and deceptive.
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