About the Author

My name is Mason and I live a somewhat unremarkable life. The thing is, I'm not necessarily content with being remembered that way so I try to do interesting things as often as I can and interact with people in a manner in which they will remember me. Sometimes they'll remember me fondly, other times they'll be confused as hell but generally, it's always on a light hearted tip.

I feel that as life goes on it's the stories that keep things interesting. As you get older you'll no longer be able to do some of the physical activities you did when you were younger but you'll always have your stories. Giving someone an interesting moment is like giving them a story as a present. I see it as a double win, you get a story, they get a story, everyone's happy.

As I've said before, life is full of expectations. Once you contradict an expectation, it makes something a little bit more memorable for everyone involved and often results in a story. I like to come up with stupid ways of contradicting those expectations that generally results in a laugh or a smile and certainly a fond memory.

So here are the tales of my stupidity, silliness and good times and perhaps a deep thought here and there. When it comes down to it, this site and its articles are as close of a representation of who I am as you can get.

Apopka, Florida

UPDATE: Recently some of my friends asked if what I wrote about on this site actually happened. As in, did I just make up these articles in a fit of creative writing to entertain. Well, every single thing on this site happened at some point or another in my life and my writing them down is just my way of remembering those things worth remembering. In other words, this is my absurd life.